Exterminators in Portland, Oregon

Your home is your castle and your business needs to make a good impression on its clients. The last thing you need is to share these spaces with common household pests. But the insects, arachnids, and rodents LOVE living with you. How can you get rid of them?

Insect Infestations

Small as they may be, insects can cause enormous problems. Some come with attendant health risks while others are just plain destructive. You’ll let out a huge sigh of relief once you know they’re gone! Let us get the job done for you. It’s the best solution.

Say Goodbye to Rodents

It’s bad enough having to deal with nocturnal scurrying, finding your stored papers turned into nesting material or discovering that wiring insulation has been chewed through – but what about the health risks? Rodents and their fleas aren’t just unpleasant to have around, they can be downright dangerous! Looking for solutions? You just found the best one: our Portland pest control services!

Tailored Solutions for Your Problem

Do you have rats? Cockroaches? Rats AND cockroaches? Where are they nesting? Do you even know? Whatever your issue, we will investigate it carefully before providing you with a completely customized solution. We’ll also help you to determine why these pests became so fond of your space in the first place. Now, you can keep them out for as long as possible.

What our Pest Control Services do For You

Pest inspections: Our pest inspections track down any and all pests that have decided to move in with you. Buying a new building? Have us check it for pest presence and pest damage.

Holistic pest control solutions: Just exterminating the pests that are already living with you doesn’t mean they won’t come back. We’ll help you with preventative pest control treatments and strategies.

Extermination or removal: Now that we know what pests we’re dealing with and why they settled in, it’s time to exterminate or remove them.

The Best Pest Control in Portland OR Begins Here

Commonsense tells us that we should know our enemies before trying to deal with them. We’ve made it our business to know the habits, preferences and life cycles of pest species – and that helps us to give you lasting control.

Our Exterminators in Portland, Oregon don’t just know their pests, they know the latest and best control methods too. We subscribe to the idea that the best way to limit human and environmental risk is by using the least toxic products possible – there are even some pests we can control using natural or organic methods.

We use the best and safest methods, but we also consider your finances. Our pest control prices are the lowest we can offer for the quality of the pest control methods we use.

Would you like to find out more about professional pest control? Our Pest Control Portland OR company will be glad to assist. The best pest control begins with us.

Top Rated Portland Exterminators & Termite Inspectors

Our reputation matters to us and we monitor our clients’ reviews and opinions. We’re happy to say we’re top rated as exterminators and pest inspectors in Portland. That’s because we care about the work we do and we take good care of you, our client.

However, you may still want to be sure you’re getting the best deal and you may decide to compare a few pest control or pest management companies. We never compromise on quality, so we can’t guarantee we’ll give you the cheapest quote. How will you know whether the companies you approach will deal with you fairly and give you professional work? Use our checklist when evaluating your quotes.

How To Choose A Pest Management Company

Just picking the nearest pest control company to give you a low price won’t necessarily result in your full satisfaction.

Evaluate local pest control services as follows:

  1. We won’t deny that some companies will take a chance with over-the-top pricing, so price is your first touch point. How much will you be charged, and what does that include?
  2. Knowing what you’ll get for your money may involve asking a few questions. You can also check on work methods and control strategies.
  3. When people are unhappy with the service they received, they will complain, probably as publicly as possible. Find out whether the company has any blots on its history and whether it tried to solve the problem or just ignored it.
  4. Can the company guarantee its work? If it is confident about the methods it uses, it should be able to offer some form of quality assurance.
  5. Pest control work should never be tackled without certification. Certification acts as your guarantee of personal safety. Be sure to ask about this if the information isn’t volunteered.
  6. Did you know that you could be held liable for workplace accidents if the company you deal with hasn’t got full insurance? Check that it does!
  7. If you are looking at a long-term pest management contract for a building you own or manage, be sure to check the contract terms carefully.

Services we provide:
• Pest control – Residential
• Pest control – Commercial
• Bed Bug control
• Bird control
• Carpenter ant control
• General ant control
• Tick & flea control
• Floor & drain cleaning
• Fly control
• Mosquito control
• Odor control
• Rodent and wildlife control
• Stinging insects control (e.g. wasps)
• Scorpion control
• Termite inspection & control
• Termite bait & monitoring services
• Dry wood termite control
• Subterranean termite removal
• Fumigation services
• Insulation installation
• Rat Control
• Spider control
• Bee & wasp removal
• Roach control and extermination

Common household pests everyone loves to hate


Most ants aren’t really dangerous, although some can deliver an unpleasant bite. Still, even little sugar ants can be very irritating, and if they’re swarming all over the place the minute they scent food, you’ll be ready to tear your hair out with frustration. Cool it! You don’t have to live with them. We know how to get rid of ant nests for good.

Bed Bugs

No, they aren’t dangerous, but boy! Having bedbugs is a domestic disaster of the first magnitude. Just as you’re dozing off to sleep, they sense the increased carbon dioxide in the air, and then they zero in and BITE. Sleepless nights? Call us today. We’ll sort out your problem as a matter of urgency!

Bees, wasps, and hornets

These insects can be very dangerous indeed. Do not attempt to deal with them yourself unless you really know what you’re doing. You should never kill bees. They are very precious. Instead, let us use our in-house bee removal expert to get the whole hive peacefully removed.

When stinging insects move in, things can get pretty scary. Whatever you do, don’t annoy them. Bees are environmental guardians, so professional bee removal is the best solution. Other stingers may get rougher treatment, but you get great service and safety from stinging insects.


The whining hum of a mosquito must be one of the most unpleasant sounds ever! Let’s not even mention those itchy bites. You already know about those! Could mosquitoes be breeding on your property? And if you live in an area mosquitoes like, how can you keep them out of your home? Talk to us. We solve pest problems!


City living and cockroaches are indivisible. Or are they? We’ll help you to live a roach-free life – and when you consider how those critters can multiply, that’s quite an achievement in itself! We make it easy.

Ticks and fleas

Ticks transmit some very unpleasant diseases and fleas are almost as bad and usually much more numerous. Fleas get into every crevice. How will you ever get rid of them? Try our fumigation service: you sure won’t miss those blood-suckers!

Spiders and scorpions

One or two add a bit of excitement to life. You squish them or throw them out and that’s that. But there are times when they proliferate to an alarming degree. And of course, some people suffer from severe arachnophobia. Let us check out your issue.


This is one of those instances where defense is way better than attack. Oh, we can exterminate termites, but by that time, they could have causes some very costly damage to property. It takes a trained eye to spot signs of termites. That’s why you should have pest inspections every two or three years even if you don’t think you have any problems.

Rats and mice

Having rodents around the house is bad news. It’s not just the way they raid food cupboards or even the fact that they leave droppings everywhere – rodents need to gnaw and it’s the gnawing that’s the biggest problem.

As for nesting, they are quite capable of serious destruction in their quest for materials and a safe place to breed. DIY methods abound, but rodents are smart – they soon see that they should leave that nice smelling bait alone or avoid the traps you set. Let us solve your rodent problem the smart way!

Crickets, lawn caterpillars, fire-ants, pigeons

Whether your problem is indoors or out, in your skirting boards or in your lawn, we will help you with the perfect solution to any pest problem in Portland, OR. Don’t let pests ruin your home or business. Call us today.

Pest prevention is the best solution

Whether it’s creating termite barriers that keep buildings safe or advising building owners as to the entry routes pests are using we believe that pest prevention is the best method of pest control.

During our pest inspections, we look for signs that your building may be vulnerable to pest incursions. You may have to call a builder or plumber to help with certain issues that make your building welcoming to certain pest species, but then you can be confident that you’ve done what you can to prevent them from moving in.

Who can Portland Pest Control Contractors Help?

We certainly do help homeowners and apartment dwellers with their pest control, but we also help large commercial concerns to keep their premises, stock, equipment, and stored documents safe from pests.

Our clients include:

• Food services industry clients who need a clear track record for hygiene.
• Hospitality providers like hotels, conference centers and restaurants.
• Apartment buildings and complexes where building managers want to keep units pest-free.
• Factories and warehouses with valuable stock and equipment to protect.
• Stores and offices that need a professional, clean environment for their employees and clients.

Getting a pest infestation is easy when you know how! What do you need to know? It’s as simple as picking up your phone. Tell us about your pest control needs, and we’ll tell you how we can meet them. Our track record speaks for itself!